The Fraser River Discovery Centre is dedicated to interpreting all aspects of the Fraser River.


A story of water, natural history, people, exploration, tragedy, and challenge. The Fraser is one of the great rivers of the world and has had an enormous influence on shaping the history of Canada.

Photo courtesy of New Westminster Library #273


The River and its tributaries in the Fraser River Basin influence weather and provide habitat for wildlife, spawning beds for salmon, and transportation along their banks. A great deal of study and environmental concern is focused on the Fraser. Scientists and conservationists are working hard to ensure that wildlife, habitats, and beauty are maintained and conserved.


Many businesses have “grown up” on the River including towing, recreational boat, international cargo terminals, tourism, sawmill operations, recreational and commercial fishing, and residential development. The River is a critical transportation asset to these industries.

First Nations

First Nations people have worked and fished on the River since time immemorial. The river is central to many groups. They drew sustenance from the river, used the river as a transportation route, built villages on the river’s edge, and hunted along its shores.


The numerous communities located in the Fraser River Basin each have a story to tell about their unique relationship with the River.