Family Workshops at the FRDC give families a chance to learn together about the Fraser River, through hands-on family-oriented activities!

Each workshop has a different theme with a tour and try format, giving families a chance to experience our exciting exhibits and try out a collection of experiments, projects, and games.

Register the whole family online to receive 20% off your admission!

July 7 | The ‘Magic of Water’

The Fraser River is truly magical… it provides so much! This workshop focuses on the ‘magic of water’ and all the many wonderful things it can do and provide. Learn about the importance of water and keeping it clean by participating in different experiments and crafts that discuss the effects of pollution, development and global warming.

July 14 | “Finding Fish”

The Fraser River is home to hundreds of different species. Animals, fish, insects and much more all share one unique ecosystem. In this workshop, learn about two important fish that make their home in the Fraser River, salmon and sturgeon! Participate in fish themed activities and crafts and explore the FRDC’s new ‘Interactive Salmon Exhibit!

July 29 | “Click, the Movement”

In celebration of our upcoming photo contest “Click’, join the FRDC in a movement - themed family workshop. Learn more about the Fraser through a guided walking tour and create your own form of movement-art using watercolours!

August 4 | “Plants Alive!

"Everything is Alive!" Did you know that the Fraser River is home to hundreds of species of plants? In this workshop explore the diverse range of plants and flowers that make their home in the Fraser River Basin. Discover more about the amazing life that grows around the Fraser River by joining our team on a walking tour, and participating in a cool microscopic activity and craft!


For: Recommended for Families with children aged 5 and up
When: Saturday or Sunday
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Cost: Free with admission to the Centre, pre-register online to receive 20% off

*For more information, please email [email protected] or call 604.521.8401.