RiverFest Organizing Committee will refer to and include: Fraser River Discovery Centre, the City of New Westminster, and affiliated partners and sponsors. Exhibitors will refer to and include: artist, artisans, community, environment, and conservation organizations, and commercial businesses that have been approved to display during RiverFest.

An Exhibitor’s completed application is an acknowledgement and confirmation that you have read and agreed to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • 1) The Exhibitor agrees to use the space provided only for the display of the products or services specified in this agreement and agrees not to sublet the space. No political advocacy, issue demonstrations, political statements and/or petitions are permitted. Exhibitors are expected to remain non-partisan and neutral on specific issues and policies.

  • 2) The Exhibitor agrees to be set up and prepared to exhibit 30 minutes prior to Festival hours (10:30 or earlier) and that no display will be dismantled or goods removed during the entire run of the festival and the display will remain intact until the closing hour of the festival.

  • 3) The Exhibitor agrees to pick up their table and two chairs from loading zone upon arrival and return it to the same location after the festival has concluded. The Exhibitor also agrees to remove the exhibit from the premises promptly after the festival has ended. Booth hours are Saturday, September 22 from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Set up times will be from 9:45 to 10:45 and tear down from 4:45 to 5:45pm.

  • 4) Drive-up access to the exhibitor area is not available; therefore it is recommended that all Exhibitors have assistance (two team members) and/or a dolly. A designated drop-off zone will be included in your Festival Information Package. No parking is permitted in these drop-off zones. Parking is not provided to exhibitors; however it will be available by donation. Further parking information will be provided in your Festival Information Package.

  • 5) The Exhibitor’s property will be placed on display and exhibited at his/her own risk and the RiverFest Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for loss and damage thereto. The Exhibitor will assume all responsibility for loss of damage to his/her property. Exhibitors should take all possible precautions to protect their property, including insurance, if deemed necessary.

  • 6) The Exhibitor will not hold the RiverFest Organizing Committee and the owners of the buildings and grounds responsible from any damage or liability arising from any injury or damage to said Exhibitor, his agents, servants or employees, or to the property of the said Exhibitor occurring in the buildings or grounds or the approaches and entrances thereto.

  • 7) In the event the Exhibitor fails to comply in any respect with the Terms of this Agreement, all rights of the Exhibitor hereunder will cease and terminate. Any payment made by the Exhibitor on account hereof will be retained by the RiverFest Organizing Committee as liquidated damages for breach of this contract and the RiverFest Organizing Committee may thereupon re-let the space.

  • 8) The RiverFest Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject or prohibit exhibits/Exhibitors or to relocate exhibits/Exhibitors when in the RiverFest Organizing Committee’s opinion such moves are necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of the Event. No monies will be returned to Exhibitors under these conditions.

  • 9) The Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to rental equipment (table and chairs) or to other Exhibitors’ property.

  • 10) The Exhibitor will not do anything directly or indirectly with his display which may be a violation of any law, bylaw, ordinance, or regulation of any governmental body.

  • 11) The Exhibitor agrees to maintain qualified personnel in the display at all times during the festival hours.