About Us

About the Fraser River Discovery Centre

Our Vision 
Connecting communities in the discovery and celebration of the living, working Fraser River. 

Our Mission 
To be the Voice of the Fraser in presenting the stories of the Fraser River and their contributions to the life, history, and future of British Columbia. 

The Discovery Centre is... 

A way to explore the Fraser River 
Discover the stories and diversity of the entire Fraser River. Through rotating exhibits and hands-on programmes, the Fraser River Discovery Centre presents the river's contribution to the life, history, and future of British Columbia and its people. 

A resource centre 
Students and researchers will find diverse research material in the Resource Centre. 

A meeting place 
Meet and exchange ideas about the Fraser River. The Discovery Centre seeks to connect communities up- and down-river and to provide a place to discuss, debate, and showcase the living, working Fraser River. 

Fraser River Discovery Centre Timeline 

  • 1986 Development of the idea of the Fraser River Discovery Centre 
  • 1989 Fraser River Discovery Centre Society incorporated 
  • 2001 5,000 square foot Preview Centre opens along Westminster Quay 
  • 2001 Establishment of Fraser River Discovery Centre Foundation 
  • 2004 $3 million secured for construction through Founding Patrons and BC/Canada Infrastructure Grant 
  • 2007 Construction begins to expand Preview Centre 
  • 2009 17,000 square foot Discovery Centre re-opened with exhibits on the first floor​
  • 2013 Second floor opened with three new exhibits